A Challenge…



Last week, Karen Trohkimoinen issued a challenge…

For every NEW kids’ book donated to the Library/Wyoming Food for Though Project Book Drive between tomorrow, December 1 and Wednesday, December 2nd, she will donate $1, up to $100. This money will go towards purchasing more books for the drive. How about it, Casper College?

just bring it

As always, if you can’t make it to any of our collection sites (library, bookstore, Tate Museum, Digital Learning Center LH 132, Gateway 3rd floor), I would be happy to be your pack… um…llama.

We deliver the books on December 7, so you still have time to shop!

A huge THANK YOU to Karen for her generosity in this challenge, and to everyone who has donated so far!

Sarah Mailloux

“Learning Never Ends” but restorations are ongoing…


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"Learning Never Ends" by Paul Tweedy



Many of you already know that the stained glass art that hung in our South window was badly damaged by the harsh Wyoming sunlight and dry climate. So much so, in fact, that it was becoming a hazard to library patrons and we had to take it down. Over a year ago we started on a restoration project and I’m pleased to announce that the project is finally done!

Significant credit goes to two local businesses for their excellent work on the project: 1) J Cat Custom Glass for the stained glass restoration and 2) Wyoming Wood “N” Works for the new walnut frame.

We’ve hung the restored piece in much safer location in our main lobby. Hopefully the new location will protect it from the elements and help it last much longer. It resides near our new books display so if you come over to view the restored art, please also consider checking out a new book!

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This is a Minion…


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Any resemblance to Sarah Mailloux is coincidental

Any resemblance to Sarah Mailloux is coincidental

And a librarian minion at that. This librarian minion would be more than happy to fetch any book donations you might have for the CC Library/ Wyoming Food For Thought Book Drive.

Our progress to date: The library received a very generous donation from Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead. She sent over a hundred books across a wide range of reading levels.


Her donation doubled our numbers so far — we have about 200 books. Last year, we were able to collect around 500 and we’d like to meet or beat that number, considering there are around 3,000 food insecure students living in Natrona County. We have three weeks left before we take these to Food For Thought headquarters.

Our Collection totes can be found on the 3rd floor of the Gateway, Digital Learning in LH, the Tate Museum, the library, Wind City Books, and Great Harvest Bakery. Or give me a call, and I can come pick them up!

Have a great day, everyone!



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