Book Drive Final Numbers


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We were shooting for 800 new books to give to kids this holiday season. After counting, we have…

<drumroll, please>


This includes:

  • 221 early reader books
  • 188 3-6ish grade books
  • 117 Young Adult (which is about 7-12th grade)

And the rest were picture books- well over 600.

We had groups from around the county donate books including the Casper branch of AAUW, the Unitarian Universalist Care ‘n’ Share Fellowship, and Verda James Elementary School.

We had donations from California, Kansas, Arizona, and Oklahoma.

But we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. On behalf of the library, I’d like to thank all of you. I’m in awe of what this campus and community can do.

Happy snowy Monday!
Very Happy Book Collector

More books still needed



A taco analogy this fine Tuesday:









The library is the taco shell- coordination and all (or lack thereof), gathering all of our taco fixin’s (read: books) for the Wyoming Food For Thought/ Library Book Drive. The toppings represent all of the different reading levels of the K-12 students, as well as the different genres and fascinating books out there. I personally see the last couple of layers as representing the older students, and it’s those layers of books we really need right now.

Our Amazon wish list– thanks to everyone who has used it! We’re up to roughly 600 books right now (which is awesome), but we’re shooting for 800. If everyone can donate at least one tween/teen/young adult book, I can stop distracting you with Bob the Builder and taco .gifs. I’m kind of like NPR that way.

If you haven’t seen any of our totes around campus, let me know and I will take your donations. I like the opportunity to visit other parts of campus!

Around campus:

Tate Museum
Digital Learning Center

Gateway 3rd floor

Around town:

Wind City Books
Great Harvest Bread Co.

HQ Southern BBQ






Thanks for all you do for the college and community!

Sarah, Head Taco Chef

3rd Annual New Book Drive




Happy Monday, everyone!

Today kicks of the 3rd Annual New Book Drive that the library sponsors in conjunction with the Wyoming Food For Thought Project. The Food For Thought (FFT) Project collects and distributes weekly food bags to K-12 Natrona County students in food-insecure situations each Friday so that every student comes to school each Monday morning, full and ready to learn!

Over the long winter break, Food For Thought sends home extra food and this is the third year that we will also be adding a NEW grade-level appropriate book to the bags, but we can’t do it without your help.

The deets:

Who: YOU!

What: a NEW book appropriate for kids in all grade levels

When: October 24th- December 2

Where: Drop off your books at the Gateway 3rd floor, library, Digital Learning Center, or the campus bookstore. The Tate Museum is also offering a discount on books purchased in its gift store, plus donating a book for every 10 sold- and they have some awesome books to choose from! We have locations around town, too: Wind City Books, HQ Barbecue, and Great Harvest Bread Co. If all else fails, call the library (268-2269) and we will come fetch your donations! We also have a Wish List to help you out!

Why: To share the gift of reading!

We really, really appreciate everyone who has donated in the past and look forward to working with you again!

Thank you so much!

Brad Matthies, Library Director

Sarah Mailloux, Book Drive Coordinator