From Cenage Learning’s 2015 Student Engagement Survey:

To better understand college students’ study habits, we wanted to explore how, and why, they use their school’s library. So, in our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked: What do you do when you’re at your college library? Nearly 3,000 students responded. Here are their top four reasons for spending time there.

1. Study alone. By far the most popular response at 77%, the clear majority of our surveyed students head to the library to focus on their studies… by themselves.

2. Use the online databases. More than half (51%) of the students said that they’re at the library to use the online databases, indicating that a good portion of their research work is completed at the library.

3. Use reference materials. Whether they’re in need of general resources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, specialized publications such as field-specific bibliographical guides and indexes, or other references that simply aren’t available in electronic formats, students visit the library to access non-circulating materials that they need to complete their projects.

4. Meet their study groups. Whether it’s for the luxury of having a big table, the convenience of accessing nearby scholarly and reference materials, or the simplicity of having a central place to meet that’snot their own homes, the library is a popular place for students to gather for study and group projects. More than one third (34%) of students said that’s why they visit their library.

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