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"Learning Never Ends" by Paul Tweedy



Many of you already know that the stained glass art that hung in our South window was badly damaged by the harsh Wyoming sunlight and dry climate. So much so, in fact, that it was becoming a hazard to library patrons and we had to take it down. Over a year ago we started on a restoration project and I’m pleased to announce that the project is finally done!

Significant credit goes to two local businesses for their excellent work on the project: 1) J Cat Custom Glass for the stained glass restoration and 2) Wyoming Wood “N” Works for the new walnut frame.

We’ve hung the restored piece in much safer location in our main lobby. Hopefully the new location will protect it from the elements and help it last much longer. It resides near our new books display so if you come over to view the restored art, please also consider checking out a new book!

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